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What is yoga

A science. Not a religion. A way to bring your mind and body together to create greater health, desirable states of consciousness, and harmony with the world around you.


Can I do yoga if I cant touch my toes Yes. You don't have to be flexible. You don't have to be strong. You can be very old or very young.


Will it hurt

No. Yoga never has to hurt. It can always feel good. That comes from listening to your body and from helpful instruction by an experienced teacher.

What do I need to practice Yoga

About an hour of your time. Comfortable breathable clothes. Mats are helpful but can be provided. A small cleared area.  


How many people does there need to be to hold a private session

One to as many as you like.

Can I do yoga if i have an injury

Yes. Let your instructor know any details you are comfortable sharing so they can protect and guide you without pain or furthering the injury.


How much does a private class cost

An hour class with one to three people is $120.

Up to a two hour class with one to three people is $200.

$15 Additional for each person beyond three people.


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